Get audiobook reading, directing, and producing guidance from the award-winning narrator of over 600+ audiobooks, Tom Parks, in his Audiobook MasterClass: 

Learn Tom's '24-Hour Method' 
on How to Jumpstart a Successful 
6-Figure Voice Over Business 
with Audiobook Narration

And Transform from 'Voice Over Hobbyist' to 'AUDIOBOOK PRO'

Fact: the audiobook industry is exploding right now. With sites like Fiverr and ACX, literally anyone can jump into the industry and start making waves . . . 

. . . IF they know the industry secrets.

If not, they risk falling into the trap of 'hobbyism'; a never-ending cycle of labor-intensive work with no sense of direction and NO payoff.

Maybe you've seen others who've succumbed to this fate . . . 

. . . pumping hours upon hours of aimless work into their gigs, trying to shoot an arrow with a bow they haven't strung.

It can be fun for a little while, sure, but what about the people who are serious about this business?

The people who want to escape the trap of voice over 'hobbyism' and go pro?

If you just said "that's me," to yourself . . .

Good, then I'm talking to you.

Here's my advice: You're looking to invest your hard-earned money in training and mastering the craft of audiobooks . . .

(First of all, great choice).

But why not do it with the most qualified teacher in the business? 

Someone who's narrated over 600+ audiobooks and can put his money where his mouth is:


"i will show you how to Transform 
the 'Work' of Audiobooks into the 
business of audiobooks"
But first things first . . . who is Tom Parks?

If you've spent any time subscribed to the audiobook industry, you've probably heard of him, heard his work, and know about his reputation in the field:
  • Between narrating and directing, he's done over 600+ audiobooks.
  • ​He's won numerous AudioFile Earphone awards.
  • ​He's been nominated for three Audies (the audiobook industry-equivalent to the Grammys).
  • He's also been nominated for a Grammy.
  • ​And last year he generated $327,699 in audiobook work alone.
Needless to say,  Tom is on another level; working in the trenches every single day to perfect his craft in the world of audiobooks.

Not only that, but his unique perspective as an audiobook narrator, producer and director means he can provide more insight on the inner-workings of the audiobook industry than anyone else.

And in his course he "will show YOU how to transform the 'work' of audiobooks into the business of audiobooks."

This isn't a "get-quick-rich" scheme, this is a real opportunity . . .

Introducing . . .

tom Parks' VO Audiobook Success MasterClass

4-Sessions via. Streaming Video 
On-Demand For Only $97

  • LIVE 4-Part Class: 1-1 voice over training is just too expensive for most people these days, so we're instead offering a SUPER affordable option by doing the training via. a live 4-part class.
  • Simple & Straightforward: Hours upon hours of material is great, but wouldn't it be better if it were streamlined? That's why we're giving you a "soup-to-nuts" solution on how to jumpstart your own home-based audiobook business.
  • In-Depth Session Training: The training consists of 4 sessions, each running about an hour.
  • Access to Class Recordings: If you aren't able to attend a class . . . don't worry! Through our custom learning portal, you'll be able to access each of the recordings for the class as they're created.

Here's What We're Going to Cover:

The Quick Start Guide to Audio Books

  • What differentiates audiobook work from other voice over gigs? 
  • What is the trajectory of the audiobook industry? And how can you take advantage of it?
  • ​The ins-and-outs of '' and how to set it up the right way.

Nailing the Process of Audio Books

  • How to properly configure your room, equipment, software, etc.
  • When should you "do-it-yourself" vs. contracting a professional
  • Fiction vs. non-fiction? Which is the way to go?

Crafting the Perfect Audio Book Channel

  • Putting together your ear-catching, irresistible demo.
  • The tried-and-true audition process from A -> B.
  • Being wary of (and how to avoid) scammers and casting your net too wide . . .

Transition from Hobbyist to Career Pro

  • Proper voice care in order to protect your voice over business.
  • Setting up foolproof accounting/business structures
  • Royalty share vs. PFH.
So now you have two choices:
  • Find an unqualified audiobook "guru" to teach you instead . . .
  • Or . . . take the plunge.
Based on the fact that you're still reading this, I'm going to take a guess and say you're probably sitting on #2, right?

Or maybe you're still undecided about Tom's audiobook course . . . or even just a little bit curious, or skeptical, or both.

Whatever the case, I urge you to click the button below and take the next step in your voice over journey. It's only $97, which is nothing compared to the wealth of value in the course itself. Believe me. Tom knows his stuff.

So, do yourself a favor and click below to get started. You'll be glad you did.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside :-)
Wishing you great success, 
Bill DeWees
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